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AHF electrical panel 30-300 A Active Harmonic Filter

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29 Mar 2022
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Specification of AHF electrical panel 30-300 A Active Harmonic Filter

Industrial and Commercial applications are making increasing use of large numbers of PCs, Servers, UPSs, AC / DC drives, Rectifiers, Chargers, SMPS, Energy saving CFL lamps, etc. These sorts of equipment draw current which is non-sinusoidal in nature, which categories them as non-linear types of load.
These non-linear loads put extensive stress on electrical distribution systems as a result of the generation of harmonic currents.
The high level of harmonics lowers power factor, affects the power usage and reduces component life. They also affect performance of DG sets & utility transformers, cables and switchgears used and cause great drains on the power supply.
The harmonic pollution can be effectively controlled by making use of Active Harmonics filter. These are solid state designs which measure level of current harmonics in the supply line and eliminate them by generating counter harmonics. The control and reduction of harmonics improves the power
quality and makes the electrical distribution system more efficient. Power savings of 10% to 30% are possible, depending on the application.
Chloride Swan+ is a state-of-the-art Active Harmonics filter, which improves the power quality in the electrical supply. It increases the reliability of the installation and gives better control over the power flowing in the electrical system. This boosts the profitability for supply authorities as well as the end user.

Synchronous Rotating Reference Frame principle
32 bit, DSP control
Internal CAN Communication
Employs high speed IGBTs in power circuit
Closed loop active filter with source current sensing
High attenuation up to 96 % of individual harmonics
Programmable selective harmonic elimination
PF compensation, leading as well as lagging
Load balancing
Required PF can be set from 0.7 to unity
Selection between PF and harmonic compensation
Remote monitoring and diagnosis
Self current limiting, under overloading condition
Automatic current limit modification with respect to ambient temperature
Helps compliance to IEEE 519
IEC / EN 62040 - 2 category C3
Alarm log with date and time stamp for fault diagnosis
User friendly PC interface
CE marking
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With the existence of this increasingly advanced technology has emerged found lightning rods or anti-lightning devices, this system of lightning rods is a system specifically designed to flow lightning and directs it to the surface of the earth without damaging objects around it. In this system usually has 3 important circuits used including: 1. Petior rod, 2. conductor wire, 3. Grounding. In the way this system works it serves to stabilize the electric current obtained from lightning and drain it to grounding without damaging the surrounding objects.

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